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  1. SpeedDating® - A timesaving guide for finding your lifelong love
    Yaacov & Sue Deyo

    An entire book about SpeedDating®?? Yes! Because the SpeedDating® book begins well before and extends well after the first 7-minute date. The SpeedDating® Book offers a practical approach to finding a love that can last forever by avoiding GONE's and other dating pitfalls. Tap into an ancient wisdom and learn how to:
    • Recognize if and when you are in a go-nowhere entanglement (GONE's)
    • Identify if the love you feel for someone has the potential to last forever
    • Quickly recognize the One
    • Move into the marriage phase of your life for good

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    This book was written with editorial assistance from Tziporah Heller, a world famous relationship expert and professor for over 20 years at Neve College in Jerusalem.

    A five star recommendation! "This book tries to take the pain out of the dating game. It provides the questions you should ask yourself, your date and others so you can evaluate your date more quickly before committing hours of time to a person you might not be compatible with." The (Amazon Top 10 Reviewer)

  2. Get the Ring: How to find and keep the Right One for life (audio set: 6 CD's, 6 cassettes or 1 MP3-CD)

    Reinforcing the SpeedDating® approach to dating, SpeedDating® web designer, David LeVine, brings together the best advice from seven of today's top experts on dating and marriage.

    Sample topics include:

    • How and where to find the one you're searching for.
    • Secrets for effective dating.
    • What to look for (and what to avoid!).
    • The essential difference between men and women.
    • The 10 ways to marry the wrong person.
    • Love and intimacy.
    • And much, much more....

    Get the Ring's practical and clear wisdom can transform your life and help you not only find your soul mate, but also build a lasting and loving relationship.

  3. The Death of Cupid
    Nachum Braverman

    John Gray called The Death of Cupid "An insightful guide to discovering the beautifully deep potential of marriage," and Larry King says, "I wish I had this book 25 years ago"

    Nachum Braverman, married for 20 years, father to many children and modern-day philosopher shares wisdom of enriching a marriage and creating a love that grows deeper each year.

An effective, sensitive and popular way to meet other Jewish singles!

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