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SpeedDating® and the SpeedDating® Book offer much more than just a way to meet. The entire SpeedDating® approach begins well before and extends well after the first 7-minute date. It's a way for marriage minded singles (MMS) to find their spouse quickly by avoiding GONEs and other dating pitfalls while simultaneously recognizing very quickly and confidently when they have The One.

Below are true stories from people who used the SpeedDating® Approach as explained in the SpeedDating® Book - some attended 7-minute fastdating events, other did not.

From Newly Marrieds!

If it were not for the ideas in the SpeedDating Book I would not be married. Before reading the SpeedDating book I could never have fathomed how I could date someone for only a relatively short period of time before getting married. But I followed this approach and it works! I had the opportunity to use the SpeedDating book as a tool with someone I began dating shortly after graduating from college…and now we're married after dating for less than a year. I'm ridiculously happy and I owe this to SpeedDating. Yaakov and Sue Deyo have a great deal of wisdom to share about dating! I know because not only did I read their book, but I contacted the Deyos with some personal dating questions and they helped me clarify the issues very quickly. The book was quite a resource!

Carrie and Daniel from San Diego, CA

I never attended a 7-minute SpeedDating event - but I went to a SpeedDating seminar based on the SpeedDating book about a year and a half ago. It really got me thinking about how to be real with dates, how to date for marriage and how to avoid getting involved in dead-end relationships. After taking the seminar I avoided GONEs and about 6 months later met Scott. Using the skills from the book I could tell within a few dates that we were right for each other! He met my parents, and a few months later we were engaged! We were married in the summer of 2003! If it wasn't for SpeedDating and the Torah wisdom it explains I would never be married!

Lisa and Scott from St. Louis, MO

Marc and I met one evening at a SpeedDating event He called me the day he got the email from Aish indicating that we were a match. Shortly after, we went out on our first date, then another, then another..... then we lost count.. After two months, he met my parents and I met his family a few months after that. At some point, during one of our many trips to Borders, I picked up the SpeedDating book authored by the founder of SpeedDating events. He identifies those things that make a great relationship. I realized then and there that we have what it takes!! The book helped me know for sure that Marc is The One and that our love is based on qualities that can help us deepen our love year after year - forever!

Marc asked me to marry him about 10 months after our first date. Oh my! I still can't believe it! We're so thrilled that we have each other. Keep up the good work at SpeedDating and Aish! I owe this to you. Nina and Marc from Boston, MA (names changed)

From Singles:

Reading this book gave me new insight into why I married my ex-husband. We were what Sue and Yaacov call "defaulters-those who become so enmeshed in a relationship before making a commitment that they never really know where dating ends and the relationship begins." The methodology outlined in the book has significantly reduced the pain of dating for me because I'm now able to recognize very quickly the Mr. Wrong's. I ask the right questions early on in the courtship to spot the red flags before I find myself deeply involved with someone. This has saved me time and again from years of dating the wrong person.

Sarah in New York

"Recently, after a difficult breakup with my boyfriend, a friend of mine recommended the SpeedDating book. I read it in about two days as I couldn't put it down. It explained so much to me and answered so many of my questions. What I read from this book has already helped me in the dating process. I'm already connected with a date coach and I've already avoided one GONE. Shortly after the break-up with my old boyfriend I began dating another guy. Using some skills I'd picked up from the SpeedDating book and encouragement from my date coach I was able to recognize within 5 dates that this man was not for me. If it weren't for SpeedDating I would probably have become much more involved with him and not been available when a person more suited to me came into my life. I'm still single - but I'm dating with much more wisdom and I feel like I have a solid to plan to obtain what it is that I want - a lifelong Jewish marriage and family. Thank you for writing such a meaningful book."

Jen in Northern California

Before I began reading the SpeedDating book, I was skeptical as to how useful the information might be to me. Well, I'm only half-way through the book and have already drawn the conclusion that the information I've absorbed is invaluable. I am able to use examples provided in the book to reflect on past dating/relationship experiences and make connections with respect to the mistakes and errors in judgment that I have made in the past. I fully intend to complete the reading and pass it on to a lady friend of mine who is also in relationship limbo. My hope is that my future judgment lapses will be less and that I will not waste my time (and the time of others) in meaningless relationships. I recommend this book to anyone on the dating circuit, regardless of religion. The cost of this book is far less than one bad date. I would much rather spend my time curled up on the couch with quality reading than spend an evening looking at my watch wondering when the "date" will end. And when that "bad date" ends, where will I be: At home, curled up on the couch reading or watching TV, a bad taste in my mouth and a lot less money in my pocket. A no brainer to me.

Mark in Southern California

I very recently discovered your book "Speeddating"! Thank you, again thank you, thank you even again. It is so wise and sincere, and easy to read and to the point. The visual aids in the book are great!! I have told many of my friends about your book. May you reap many many rewards for all that you share with us!!

Judy in Passaic, NJ

I am not Jewish and found their approach and much of their advice helpful. I found the parts on what to do on specific dates to be very helpful. I also liked the idea of having a date coach, someone who you can talk with throughout the dating process. Also, their description of various types of relationships, particularly the shooting star relationship was very helpful. In fact, if Tommy Lee had read this part of the book, he would not have married Pamala Anderson after only knowing her for four days. He would have also avoided a jail sentence and a custody battle which resulted from this tumultuous shooting star relationship. That alone should be enough to convince you to buy this book.

John - an online submission

An effective, sensitive and popular way to meet other Jewish singles!

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